"Future Trend Domain Names for Emerging Technologies"

Future trends and emerging technologies are a very exciting development to follow and watch come to fruition. There are simply some amazing and truly revolutionary happening's going on around the globe right now, like 3d Printing. Some can take years, even decades to fully develop and perfect while others can evolve much quicker than anticipated. But the one thing that every technology of the future, and even today's current technology have in common, whether it's real time holograms, solar energy or even 3d technology, is the battlefield known as the internet and the need for brand awareness.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is one of the top three reasons where companies fail or succeed. Brand awareness is finding out how to embed your product or service into the minds of the public and making your company the first thought in those minds whenever thinking of that particular product or service.

Think of the words, 'Ketchup', 'Car Insurance', or even 'Fast Food'. Chances are, you thought of 'Heinz', 'Geico' and 'McDonalds'. This doesn't necessarily mean that we are all the same in how we think, it just means that those companies put forth a lot of time and effort in their 'brand strategy', thus 'Branding' themselves into our subconscious. Those companies understood the value in brand identity and have influenced millions of people for generations. They are first in our minds within their respective fields, the model of success.

Today's marketing trends are a little more difficult to achieve such a profound distinction from one company to the other. With our co-dependency of the internet and the competition being global, the necessity to create that brand awareness have become crucial.

Choosing the right logo is always very important and even vital to a company, as well as choosing the colors to represent that company. But one of the most obvious and important factors in building your business today, a business that will have no choice but to be built on the foundation of the internet, is the internet address of that company: your domain name.

Having a strong and memorable domain name can easily be as important to the growth of your company as the Geico lizard or the golden arches and should be included with any good marketing strategy, NO exceptions. No matter the technology that's emerging, the product that's trending, or the service that's serving , sending someone to your website, your place of business - your "Virtual Storefront" - has to be easy and memorable. Brand awareness doesn't just include a logo, proper colors and a mascot anymore. Even a great advertising campaign today has to include a very concise domain name to send your customers to.