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  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • HologramTV.com
    • HolographicAdvertising.com
    • HologramMarketing.com
    • holoGRFX.ccom

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    This beautiful, one word, 'category killer', in the king of extensions, stands near the top of all holographic domain names anywhere in the world as a one word brand that encompasses an entire industry and technology without a hint of limitation. This true Future Trend Domain Name is presently in a state of maturity. This is the type of name that lets all others know how important your company's image and brand really are.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • 3dInteraction.com
    • Vacations3d.com
    • 3dPrintingServices.com
    • D3Printing.com

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    While 3d TV's and 3d Movies get all the fanfare as the face of 3d technology, there could arguably be no name bigger in future potential alone than in 3dAdvertising.com. As we are still in the infancy stages of 3d truly coming of age, this perfectly sized, perfectly described brand stands atop of one of this planet's most required services - Advertising.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • SmartHaptics.com
    • HapticsCO.com
    • HapticsCommunication.com
    • Haptics.co

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    Haptics means 'Touch' while 'e' stands for 'electronic'. Together, this premium brandable domain name actually means, "Electronic Touch", which is exactly what Haptics is all about. At the present moment, Haptics is just beginning to gain the attention of consumers and developers as a 'must have' feature, but before you can say 'robotics', the demand for Haptics will be as popular as Touch itself.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • iAutonomous.com
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    • TelematicsToday.com

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    The telematics industry is presently on target to become a 20 billion dollar a year industry by the year 2020. USTelematics.com is the perfect name for not ony local appeal in the united states, but for global recognition as a leading telematics company for one of the biggest developers of m2m (machine to machine) and V2X (vehicle to network) technology anywhere in the world.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • AmericaSolarPower.com
    • NYSolarEnergy.com
    • NYSolarHomes.com
    • KoreaSolar.com

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    This domain name will not leave a whole lot of question to the consumer as to what it is that your company actually does. SolarEnergyCO.com is the kind of name and brand that industries dream of owning - a keyword rich domain name with a built in marketability that no other brand can pay for. As the solar energy market continues to prosper, this premium domain name is only increasing in value each day.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • MobilePaymentsNOW.com
    • NFCProtect.com
    • eSwipes.com
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    To aim at the center of our focus on Future Trend Domain Names, look no further than the amazing world of Holography. This beautiful, one word, 'category killer' encompasses the entire industry into anything you want, from Holographic Projection to Holographic Movies, this Premium Domain Name has no limits.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • 4kTablet.com
    • 4KVideoStreaming.com
    • 4KRecorder.com
    • 4-K.tv

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    Owning a domain name with the word 'Buy' in it that relates to a super hot product are two key ingredients to a successful eCommerce business that can be the difference in converting hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. In what is soon to be a very highly searched term, 'Buy 4K TV' is the perfect name to build around this soon to be emerging market.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • HologramTelepresence.com
    • TelepresenceCO.com
    • Telepresence.biz

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    To aim at the center of our focus on Future Trend Domain Names, look no further than the amazing world of Holography. This beautiful, one word, 'category killer' encompasses the entire industry into anything you want, from Holographic Projection to Holographic Movies, this Premium Domain Name has no limits.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • 4dHolograms.com
    • 4dMapping.com
    • 4dAdAgency.com
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    One of our most popular names and brands, 4d Projection is at the forefront of today's most sought after forms of advertising, 3d Projection Mapping. Combining the wonders of 3d projection with additional live elements, such as scent or interaction, helps to create this fourth dimension that is taking the advertising world by storm. This exact match domain name is presently live and receives around 75 unique visitors a day.
  • Premium Domain Name: Holographs
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    • GoGraphene.com
    • Graphene360.com
    • GetAugmentedReality.com
    • Geo-Fencing.com

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    'Touch And Gesture' is a market that is poised to explode in the coming years as we grow more interactive with our computers. The rise of gesture interaction is in its infancy stages making this a perfcet name for developers to brand and build their company around such an exact term.

About FUTRS And Emerging Technologies

With so many amazing and innovative technologies happening in the world today it is virtually impossible to know them all, so we have decided to simply focus our attention on just a small handfull of what we believe to be, the biggest and most exciting emerging technologies in the world - and not just know about them - but to know them well. Research them daily, weekly, yearly. Interview upper management in select fields to gain a knowledge of each of these industries before they have reached maturity, giving FUTRS the proper knowledge to build one of the top 'Future Trend Domain Names' portfolio anywhere in the world. Below you will find a helpful breakdown of these emerging technologies and the reasons why these particular future trends have become our primary focus at FUTRS.
If you have any questions, or wish to purchase one of our domain names, please contact us here.
3d Technology

3d Technology

More Information Projections - $227 Billion by 2016
Contrary to poular belief, 3d technology is not just movies and television. The opportunities to consider are plenty, such as 3d development, 3d gaming, 3d printing, 3d cad, 3d animation, 3d projection, 3d environments, 3d mapping, 3d websites, 3d production, 3d interaction and so many more possibilities.
4d Technology

4d Technology

More Information Projections - $227 Billion by 2016
4d is already becoming synonomous with imaging in the medical world, but 4d technology in the entertainment and advertising industries have already started to create a massive buzz. Consider these markets for new business: marketing, advertising, mapping, projection, imaging, movies, events and other media as safe targets.
4k Technology

4k Technology

It's clear by now that the market for 4k technology (Quad HD) will be as big, if not bigger than the first sampling of high definition televisions, bringing with it, not only a resolution four times the size, but a whole new industry of commerce, videos, movies, media, conversions, recorders, cameras, broadcasting, streaming and more. Y4K is Coming Fast!
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

More Information Projections - $10 Billion by 2018
The forecasts predict that seven out of every ten companies will be moving their company's website and overall business management to the Cloud. That's a lot of movement. cloud hosting, cloud servers, specialty management, and cloud security stand to be the biggest area's of interest to develop. Also of note, Cloud.com was sold for over $200 million dollars.


 Projections - Limitless
We have become a world consumed with connectivity, from our computers at home, to mobile phones on the go, to the cars we will be driving, connectivity is all around us. This has opened up an enormous amount of business opportunities, from appliances, automobiles, location based services and advertising, data collection, social networking, phones, tablets and so much more.


Haptics technology is breaking down the walls to one of the remaining two senses to have elluded us throughout the digital age - touch (smell being the other). With a whole new array of business opportunities opening up, focus your sights on app development, mechanical engineering, software development, space exploration, medical and surgical, game development, virtual environments and computer programming just to name a few .


Holographic technology is promising to become the biggest spectacle in our lifetimes offering lifesize communication, movies and tv for the first time 'out of the box', marketing and advertising just salivating at the opportunities, not to mention gaming, commerce, broadcasting, new web development, mobile phones, interactive dating, live concerts and so much more. *This has become a FUTRS specialty focus.*
Future Trend News

Emerging Technologies
in the V2X Field

Emerging Technologies in the V2X Field

November 8, 2012
On Thursday, October 4th, Mohammad Horani presented extensive research on Vehicle to Everything (V2X) – Emerging Technologies Comparison in the United States, Europe, and Japan during a global webinar with AutomotiveWorld. Vehicle to Vehicle communication sparks many discussions, questions and curiosities in the automotive industry. When we factor in V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2I, V2P, and V2G systems...

Featured Video

Tupac Hologram:
The Day Concerts Changed

April, 2012

Coachella, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg introduced to the world one of the most amazing specltacles in entertainment history - the legendary TuPac Shakur seemingy back to life as a hologram in what is now the most sought after experience in theater: Holographic Shows
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